✾(L)(I)(A)(M)✾ Let me be the one to lift your heart & save your life I don't even think you realize baby you've been saving mine


One Direction throughout 2013.

inspired by this.

im so poud of them xx

→ http://silenceofthe-wolf.tumblr.com/post/69763530545/you-can-be-depressed-hurt-feel-alone-sad-the-list


You can be depressed…hurt…feel alone…sad..the list goes on forever. But there is a distinct moment. A place in time when you realize or become utterly..tragically…alone. The point you come to realize no one is there for you. Not your best friend. Who has a boyfriend. Not your parents who have each…


→ inpatient day 10


I honestly assumed that my pychiatrist would of taken me off my section by now but im starting to realise I may well be doing the full thing. I have 4 days left to put in an appeal for a tribunal but im shit scared about it..
The Dr also told me to prepare a speech if I want leave for xmas day…